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rantradio's Journal

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Rantradio community
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Welcome to the Rant Radio community, a place for Rant Radio listeners/#rantradio chatters to come together and post about the station, music, the channel, etc

- post about music played on the station/you think should be played on the station, underground bands, concerts, shows
- post about happenings in the IRC, or on the shows, or at "Sabbaths"
- post about your music zine/webpage/mp3.com page
- use LJ-cut for more than one photo/large pictures/REALLY long text posts

- post selling things
- post trying to start drama
- delete comments from people, ESPECIALLY from mods
- advertise your community, unless it is DIRECTLY related to Rantradio

Failure to comply will result in a warning or two, then banning. People have too many things on their friends pages to be taken up by you filling up their page with crap.

Friends of RantRadio communities:
- icon_of_coil

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